2023 Plan

  1. (20% Completed) Re-study financial mathematics
  2. (0% Completed) Re-study math fundamentals from scratch, devote 1000 hours in 2 years
  3. (Completed) FRM Certification
  4. (99% Completed) work out / gym 200 times (done 198 as of Dec. 31)
  5. (92.26% Completed) From July 3, complete 5000 pull ups before end of year (done 4613 as of Dec. 31)
  6. (Completed) Read 10 non-textbook books
  7. (Completed) Get the stupid AWS certificate
  8. (Not Started) Find something in investment field
  9. (Not Started) Docker & kubernetes learn enough things
  10. (Not Good) Algo Trading get some strategies that could finally reach 50% winning rate using DL methods
  11. (New One in Progress, not Big Progress Tho) Build my website into a knowledge sharing hub
  12. (50% Completed) Finish 2 Kaggle Competitions (1/2 done)
  13. (Completed) Write 24 articles about Economy (I know they are shitty but since thinking that way can bring profit for me, who cares?)

(Didn't research further, will continue) Currently doing a project of strategy generation using GPT. Current difficulty: can't find a stable solution without using statistical method or black box method, but they are very dangerous and also not very stable.