2024 Plan

One Sentence for Goal:

I will apply and prepare for French citizenship (or if not possible find a way to keep working visa valid for a long time) and HK visa, and find a job in an IB or fund or tech firm for operation / trading / cloud architect etc. role

  1. French citizenship / valid visa
  2. HK visa
  3. Find job in HK

General Goals:

  1. 200 times general exercises in gym / outside, same standard as last year
  2. Being able to do split (try best if I am not too old)
  3. 20 books of all kinds and write review
  4. Being able to speak basic Cantonese
  5. Continue the project of platform for crypto
  6. Learn basic web3
  7. Apply for 100 jobs in HK, tho I don't feel confident
  8. Continue the project to use GPT for investment, think of new ideas
  9. Gain weight to 110 kg, keeping 19% body fat rate, mainly needs better back / arm / neck
  10. 200 hours relearn statistics

I am already 28, should do something big if not married, but well tho I couldn't find a girl that I love.