Li Zhenning Victor

Born in Henan, China
Currently 27 years' old
Got Economics and Spanish Literature degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2018
Got Master's degree in Data Science from CentraleSupélec in 2023
FRM Certified
Speaks Mandarin, English, Spanish and a bit French

Had Working Experience in: PE investment, Audit, Equity Research, and HFT
Familiar with: Python, Linux, AWS, Relational Database, Financial Market, ML&DL
Favorite part in Math: Number Theory, Stochastic Process and 100 Math Brainteasers
Favorite Activity: Gym & MMA
Favorite Game: Dota2 - top 0.2% player in Techies in 2019
Favorite Place: Cambridge & Hong Kong
Best Sport: 400m race at 53s

Not familiar with: C++ and Topology
Don't like: Chocolate and Coffee
Hate: Being stupid

Idol: Michael Pettis and Terence Tao

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