贫富差距指标 / Wealth Gap Indicator: 租售比 / Rent-to-Price Ratio

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美国经济好坏指标 / Economic performance indicators in US

  1. (最敏感)互联网科技公司的广告业务收入(Google - Youtube / Meta / Roku)
    (Most sensitive) Advertising revenue of internet tech companies (Google - Youtube / Meta / Roku)
  2. (第二敏感)银行股财报中的社会零售消费数据(消费总量,坏账率)
    (Second sensitive) Social retail consumption data in bank earnings reports (total consumption, bad debt rate)
  3. (第三敏感)劳动力市场数据(初请失业金人数,持续申请失业救济金人数)
    (Third sensitive) Labor market data (initial unemployment benefit claims, continued unemployment benefit claims)
  4. (第四敏感)投行承办的IPO数量
    (Fourth sensitive) Number of IPOs handled by investment banks.

Short explanation

国家腐败指数 / Corruption Perception Index


Can be used for analyzing the feasibility of macroeconomic policies, funding efficiency, and the purposefulness of foreign aid (U.S. aid to Egypt, Pakistan, etc.)

具体排名/Detailed Rankings:CPI官网,Excel可下载/Downloadable Excel Sheet:link


Will update soon, have many very weird but accurate indicators in the past. Some need coding like the distribution of bilibili content creator, PDD's quarterly report (a brand famous of selling fake products for poor people) etc.
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